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IVolve’s OpenShift Migration Utility automates the process of migrating workloads to OpenShift, making it simpler and faster. We have the industry best practices and have successfully carried out projects for global clients. We’re easy to talk with and you might be surprised at how much you can learn about your project by speaking with our experts. Read our sizing and subscription guide to better understand the subscription model for self-managed Red Hat OpenShift offerings. Browse Knowledgebase articles, manage support cases and subscriptions, download updates, and more from one place.

openshift consulting

We will design all procedures perfectly fitting your requirements, whether you need new development or migration. This way we will pave the way for your company towards a solid, state-of-the-art and agile development. Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the proven foundation for Red Hat OpenShift, certified on thousands of hardware and cloud vendor technologies. This means the security, performance, interoperability, and innovation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux is extended throughout your infrastructure to provide a single platform that can run wherever you need it. Red Hat OpenShift is available as a turnkey application platform from major cloud providers. Build, modernize, and deploy applications at scale on the cloud provider of your choice.

Build Next-Generation Applications with Red Hat OpenShift

The development platform operates on-premise datacenters and private and public clouds, creating proper environments for applications across all the infrastructures that support Red Hat Enterprise Linux. OpenShift is well-known for offering speed, automation, and runtime for any infrastructure. Not just that, but the platform supports a wide range of languages, runtimes, and architectures that makes companies scale for the future.

openshift consulting

Red Hat’s self-managed offerings build upon each other to give you the flexibility to choose your level of control and security. Red Hat OpenShift brings together tested and trusted services to reduce the friction of developing, modernizing, deploying, running, and managing applications. Built on Kubernetes, it delivers a consistent experience across public cloud, on-premise, hybrid cloud, or edge architecture. Place the operation of your containerized applications in the experienced hands of our OpenShift experts.

Your developers take care of your business – we take care of the stable OpenShift platform for your customers’ applications. Whether cloud, container, automation, agile development, monitoring or storage, ConSol unites specialists from all areas under one roof. They expertly join forces to support you in migrating historically grown applications to OpenShift. IT infrastructures and applications are becoming increasingly complex, resulting also in increasing monitoring requirements. ConSol’s monitoring expertise for platform and application monitoring in OpenShift clusters offers solid support. We know our business and all the hurdles that may arise during any migration of historically grown applications to OpenShift or in developing software for OpenShift.

Consulting Services

ConSol has been working with OpenShift since PaaS was first introduced. Today we are one of the few premier partners with a focus on cloud solutions. Working with us, you will have direct access to up-to-date comprehensive know-how as well as the best conditions for your Red Hat subscriptions. What can OpenShift do and which technologies is the platform offering especially for your application? We will take a close look at your IT infrastructure to find out how OpenShift can meet your expectations in practice.

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the proven foundation for Red Hat OpenShift, certified on thousands of hardware and cloud vendor technologies.
  • Alliance Bank built an open architecture container platform to simplify banking services, increase security, and standardize processes.
  • Employers created a central application environment and automated policy processes, resulting in a 40% increase in 3-year sales and a better customer experience.
  • Grow Your Skills Free classes and meetups to grow your container and Kubernetes knowledge.

Cooperating with iVolve in boosting business performance and implementing AWS Cloud technology as enablers inside Siparadigm was a big and worthy step in changing how we’re positioned in the market. With remote teams and daily challenges, we’ve managed to always be ahead of the competition. OpenShift Container Platform spans on-premise datacenters, and public and private clouds, providing a consistent environment for applications across any infrastructure where Red Hat Enterprise Linux is supported. Our world-class agile development process, transparent project management, and end-to-end implementation skills make your OpenShift rollout smooth. A full set of operations and developer services and tools that includes everything in the Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine plus additional features and services.

For years, we have successfully carried out OpenShift projects and training courses for medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations. IVolve’s OpenShift Migration Utility helps to optimize the performance of your workloads on OpenShift, making the most of the platform’s capabilities. Build and integrate CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins and Artifactory, facilitating developer speed and self-service. Configure and provision OpenShift cluster with cluster sizing, storage, capacity planning, and monitoring. Volkswagen built a standardized architecture and virtualized, automated test environment for testing components.

Our team of certified and experienced OpenShift and Kubernetes experts can help you assess, implement, and scale an enterprise-ready OpenShift platform and enable your team to use and manage the platform with confidence. Red Hat OpenShift delivers a complete application platform for both traditional and cloud-native applications, allowing them to run anywhere. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and compatible with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift enables automation inside and outside your Kubernetes clusters.


One industry that can benefit from OpenShift’s enablement of enhanced DevOps processes is the webhosting and development field. Companies competing in this industry are constantly racing to offer their customers enhanced functionality. For instance, as web commerce increases by leaps and bounds, companies and individuals progressively look to sell their products over the web.

openshift consulting

During development, our OpenShift, monitoring and operations experts cooperate very closely. We are pioneers in open source for modern datacenters, enabling our clients to deploy applications quickly, become less siloed, and increase collaboration. Certified engineers with multi-platform experience can architect a best practice solution that meets your needs. Integrate OpenShift with tools to support container monitoring and application performance monitoring, allowing full-stack monitoring and troubleshooting with dashboards and alerts. OpenShift is a layered system where every layer is tightly bound with the other layer using Kubernetes and Docker clusters. The architecture of OpenShift is devised to support and manage Docker containers, which are hosted on top of all the layers using Kubernetes.

What are the Advantages of OpenShift?

Blogs Articles and industry knowledge from experts and guest authors. Red Hat honors select customers each year through the Red Hat® Innovation Awards program. Check out past winners openshift vs docker and get all the details on the application process. Yes, I would like to be informed in the future about service offers and solutions, of course exclusively from ConSol.

openshift consulting

OpenShift assists this process by making it easy to test apps throughout your IT architecture without being impeded by framework conflicts, deployment issues, or language discrepancies. Consider the case of a company specializing in the design and sale of integrated circuits. The cycle of innovation in this industry is relentless; as new technologies arise, chipmakers who can most effectively design chips for these new uses will be the ones who gain market share. For example, the rapid rise of the smart phone has been a boon to companies that have designed chips to power it.

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Alliance Bank built an open architecture container platform to simplify banking services, increase security, and standardize processes. Bring together development, operations, and security teams under a single platform to modernize existing applications while accelerating new cloud-native app dev and delivery. The DevOps process relies upon transparent communication between all involved parties. Containerization provides a convenient means of enabling your IT operations staff to test instances of a new app.

Kubernetes and OpenShift are rapidly bringing self-healing, autoscaling platforms to the enterprise; this article gives you a roadmap for planning out your enterprise’s course when implementing this exciting new technology. Get started in the developer sandbox, launch a trial cluster of Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated, or set up a trial of self-managed Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Extend application services to remote locations and analyze inputs in real time with Red Hat OpenShift’s edge computing capabilities. How We strengthen Kubernetes​ How we are different than our competitors. Are you looking for real expert support for your OpenShift for whom customer service is top priority?

Consider the case of a company with worldwide manufacturing facilities that implements a proprietary container platform tool. Shadow-Soft provides on-demand OpenShift consulting services to help organizations adopt and implement Red Hat OpenShift. Our certified experts provide you with proper advice to assess, execute, and scale your OpenShift container platform, taking your execution from PoC to final production in weeks. With the help of the OpenShift platform, continuous application management can be done in minimum time. Cloud-native software is designed for operation in the cloud – dynamically scalable, maximally available and future-proof.

Interdisciplinary Expertise from a Single Source

When using OpenShift, there are several different ways that you can add an application. Learn how to run, access, and manage containers in OpenShift, including how to orchestrate them at scale. Certified engineers with multi-platform experience can create a best practice that meets specific customer requirements.

For many enterprises, a big part of DevOps’ appeal is software automation using infrastructure-as-code techniques. This article gives developers, architects, and infra-ops engineers a further practical option. You will learn how a container-centric approach from OpenShift can help your team deliver quality software through a self-service view of IT infrastructure. OpenShift provides an on-demand, elastic, scalable, and fully configured application development, testing, and hosting environment for application developers.

OpenShift Consulting Services

OpenShift allows developers to develop and deliver high-quality applications and operations in a faster and more advanced way. You will get the answer to all your questions through our OpenShift consulting services. Tailored to your requirements, our OpenShift experts will support your IT and development team in building know-how and staying up to date at all times. ConSol is your reliable partner in the entire OpenShift environment. We support you with powerful service modules related to the Red Hat development platform – individually tailored to your wishes and requirements. Yes, Red Hat OpenShift platform as a service allows you to deploy applications without the need for building out infrastructure.

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